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Almost there

Somehow it’s been another month since the last update.  Unbelievable. First, we wanted to welcome all the new people who’ve learned about the film on Facebook or through other social media. Next, thanks to all who responded with interest about translations.  The English transcripts are almost done and we’ll be reaching out to people about […]

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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good holiday season!  Santa and his elves are not the only ones who have been busy though – editing has continued practically nonstop through Christmas/New Years and we’re rapidly approaching the finish line.  As one phase winds down though, others start to rise in priority.  So we’re here to ask for your input and assistance […]

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Another (late) update

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday since the last update and I promised myself that I’d update more frequently. Oops. So let’s cover the big stuff first , and it’s a good news/bad news situation.  If you’ve looked at a calendar lately you’ll notice there are only a few days left before Christmas and not […]

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Stay Tuned!

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